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Cannot unassign and remove "NVgoggles" for OPFOR & Independent
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Version 0.77.109136

Cannot remove NV goggles from any OPFOR or Independent unit. BLUFOR units don't seem to suffer from this problem.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add any infantry man for the BLUFOR, OPFOR & Independent
  2. Type in "this unassignitem "NVgoggles"; this removeitem "NVgoggles";" in the init field for all of them.
  3. Start the preview and you will see while the BLUFOR unit has the NV goggle removed, the OPFOR & Independent units still have them in the inventory and they can still use it properly.
Additional Information

This can also be observed on the OPFOR units in Night Showcase

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I just realised that OPFOR uses goggles with a black body and Independent uses goggles with an olive coloured body. The problem may simply be due to the classname for the NVgoggles changing. However, this does still need to be fixed for the Night Showcase

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I had this problem prior to the new NV's being added.

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OPFOR and Independent now have different NVGoggles class names.