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Visual glitch when forcing "takebag" on a backback from another unit
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Happens when you make one unit "takebag" which already in possession of another unit (mortar bag in this case)

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"I broke Arma 3 LOL" - stupidest report ever. DOWNvoted

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Please be more descriptive in the ticket summary.

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Can you, please, describe a reliable repro?

Thank you.

What are you downvoting this for? It ain't a popularity contest LMAO!

@neokika Sure. Didn't think it was important.

  1. create blufor (player), civilian and empty MK6 mortar
  2. name civilian bob
  3. preview
  4. open debug console and run this:

player addeventhandler [

		bob action ["takebag", _this select 1];
		player action ["takebag", _this select 1];


  1. go to mortar and disassemble it.
  2. go to 3rd person view

Now every time bob is in your view you get the glitch, turn away and it is gone, look at bob and it is back.