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Add functionality to allow UGV Stomper (MULE) to follow it's operator.
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Feature request to add a 'basic' AI to the UGV Stomper (Or MULE as known IRL) which, when selected in the terminal will cause the Stomper to follow the operator who is connected to the terminal.

Basic functionality I can see is that when selected in the terminal, it follows along about 10m or so behind (or in formation to the left/right, ect) of the user at walking pace, avoiding obstacles as with any AI vehicles/soldiers.

When connected, a scroll menu option would be added to allow the operator to disable this function quickly, allowing the user to disconnect it and then use the stationary UGV as cover from enemy fire and then while in cover control the turret to provide support.

This will greatly improve the usefulness of the UGV as a cargo vehicle, a fire support vehicle and as infantry cover.


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Second this. The UGVs are not autonomous in the game. They are only autonomous in the fact that the turret moves automatically when you're the driver/operator.

This has been already implemented some time ago. Marking as resolved.