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Impossibility to launch missiles while in turret controls mode of the new aerial UAVs Greyhawk and Ababil
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I tried out the new UAVs of the Dev-Build and I noticed one inconvenient thing about the aerial UAV's armament.
In order to attack a target which is not a vehicle you would always have to let the UAV fly towards the target you're planning to attack on the "UAV terminal", then switch back to the "turret controls mode", activate the laser and hope for the UAV to launch the missile automatically which is not always happening either rather than just having the missiles as a seperate weapon on the "turret controls mode" this is also making it impossible to attack targets while the UAV is loitering above a target without the UAV having to leave it's cyrcling flight path.
On this I would simply suggest to move the missiles to the "turret controls mode" of the UAV while also giving the possibility of steering them with either just pointing the camera's crosshairs at where they are supposed to hit or moving the laser pointer to the scroll-wheel menu rather than having them as a seperate weapon this would also be the more realistic and logical variant as the UAV would still have to emit the laser in order to launch a missile.


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