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Drones crashing into each other causes them to get stuck together and hang in the air
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Sometimes drones get stuck and hang in the air.

EDIT: I just realized what happens. Once drones clip through each other and get stuck with in each others geometry, the physics stop working. Observed 2 drones stuck in mid air, then got untangled and fell down.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take 10 drones.
  2. Place 5 drones facing south and 5 facing north.
  3. Drones have to be in flight mode.
  4. Place them 100 meters apart
  5. Watch the cool explosions and some of the drones getting stuck in the air.

Another way of doing it is placing alooot of drones one on top of another in a tight cluster. Same thing happens

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Which drones? And can you please provide a mission for easy repro of this issue?

how do I attach a mission?

Zip the file into a .zip with a program called 7-zip or put it into a .rar file which is similar.

Added a link to the steam workshop mission.

Should work the first time. If doesn't just restart the mission.

I wonder if such a mission/setup is a valid use case for aerial vehicles of any type; I can't think of any valid reason to have those UAVs starting 100 m apart, heading towards eachother, at the beginning of the mission.

Same issue exists with any type of aircraft, btw.

since when does this game have drones? Anny way i did notice this issue with some other aircraft mods.

That is quite true that there is no reason to have multiple aircraft crash into each this way.

This is here merely as a bug report which says that object which get stuck together lose their physics.

Now it's clear to me, thanks.