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Horrible breathing noises
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When I jog/run even a short distance, my character starts wheezing like he has Emphysema or something, which sounds disgusting and puts me off playing the game completely.

I don't care if you want to make me weak/slow after jogging a short distance but please do something about these sounds or give us an option to disable them and have an on-screen indicator of our fatigue state instead.


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Jog/Run a short distance

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Keep playing :) hit small Enter for 3rd person, no emphysema there.

Personally, I think these sounds improve my immersion experience - one could argue that they set in a tad too fast, but hey, not everyone has the constitution of Batman.

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I don't like playing in 3rd person though and on decent servers that will be disabled.

I'm pretty unfit myself but I don't sound anything like that when I get out of breath.

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Duplicate of #8833, #6917