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Separate helicopter and fixed wing aircraft controls
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The default controls for helicopters is to not have cyclic left and right bound, but instead have Left Turn and Right Turn bound to the mouse.

This makes it very difficult to control helicopters because instead of controlling the cyclic with the mouse, you control the cyclic forward and backward with the mouse forward and backwards, but the pedals by moving the mouse left and right.

So I've unbound the Turn Left and Turn Right, and bound the cyclic left and cyclic right to the mouse left and right too, so that I can control the cyclic using the mouse and pedals using X and C.

However, this now makes it impossible to fly fixed wing aircrafts because they use Turn Left and Turn Right to turn.

So every time I want to switch between helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts I have to rebind my controls.


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Bind keys as following, then try to fly a fixed wing aircraft (Eg. UAV) with the mouse.

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It seems they are seperate, and you simply can't access fixed wing controls. My helicopter key for raising collective is W, but the greyhawk still uses Q.

They are not separate in any way.

So why does the UAV fixed wing and helicopters have seperate controls for me?

I cant see controls for fixed wing either

edit: just bound my controller to left turn right turn. It works but it is veeeerrryyyy sloooowwww

@Kilroy: They're not. If you unbind Turn Left and Turn Right under Helicopter Controls, you will be unable to turn FIXED WING aircrafts with the mouse.

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Right now we don't have options to edit/assign keys and controlers for fixed Wings as well as submarines(

There is a way. I bound my controller through the name.Arma3profile in my documents. Was a pain but I did it. Banking has the same problem as helicopters had. It is quartered though compared to the keyboard.

This was fixed very fast. Thank you!

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Resolved in the latest Dev build. Please close this ticket.

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According to the ticket author the issue got resolved.