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NV-goggles works confusing
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NV-goggles should restrict your view more when looking behind you. And it's confusing that when sneaking behind someone at night he can detect you even when the NV-goggles aren't pointing near you.
In the screenshot you see a guy who detected me when only looking 90 degrees to the right(into the house, he had his back turned on me) with his goggles, you cannot turn you eyeballs when looking into NV-goggles, and it confused me because i didn't expect to be spotted when sitting completely still and it destroyed the stealthy part of the mission, and i got reinforcements thrown at me. fix this by restricting the amount of degrees you can freelook(alt+mouse)while looking through NV-goggles. {F21447}


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Editor or wait for it to happen in some stealthy missions

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It's like when looking through binoculars you can't look through the side of the scope, and change direction is done by turning you whole head, which normally can on be turned about 90 degrees to each side, same goes for up and down. This would also make NV-goggles less OP when worn by AI and make stealth more simple, just saying.

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What screenshot

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son of a bitch :P

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