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Cuttext (BLACK OUT - BLACK IN) in video does no longer work
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Whenever I try to add a video to a mission I can no longer fade in/out the video with cuttext as how always did it in ArmA2.
I tried this already early in the alpha, but I notice now that it is still not possible. So with a widescreen video played on a 4:3 monitor the top and the bottom of the screen still shows the environment in stead of being black if I not use the BLACK OUT/IN.

Now if you add the BLACK IN/OUT it will make the entire video black, only the sound is hearable. Without it the video runs normally and is visible, but without thus the black borders that I want.

In arma2 when I did this the background would be blacked out, but the video would run on top of it and thus visible, now the black covers the video itself

hmm, hope it is understandable what I wrote..


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add a video to your mission and play it with how I did it below.
(this worked in arma2)

24 cutText ["", "BLACK OUT"];
sleep 1;
_video = ["win.ogv"] spawn bis_fnc_playVideo;
waitUntil {scriptDone _video};
sleep 2;
24 cutText ["", "BLACK IN"];

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Try another layer:

layer cutText ["", "BLACK OUT"];

thank you, will give that a go.

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