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Handheld UAV terminal model
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Whenever the player uses the UAV terminal the character gets into an idle pose with his weapon in hands. It'd be great to have a handheld terminal model (something like this: which the player gets out whenever he accesses the interface. {F21443} {F21444}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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That would be awesome plus it gives players around a clear indication of what you are doing whereas right now from outside eyes there is a bit of an...odd disconnect, all you know is that the guy is standing there doing....something?

Some likes Tablet/iPod/Galaxy or notebook in case as Eurocom notebooks :)

I Agree, some sort of visual indication that a player is controlling an UAV would be great.

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This looks like a duplicate of #12657 , but I do agree

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Duplicate of #0012657.