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Weapon Slings, Where are they?
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As an Ex-Serviceman I have NEVER put a rifle or my Machine-gun on my back (Are you mad)?, so why does a military simulator? If you had to change from your primary firearm to your secondary, you simply dropped it on its weapon sling and pulled out your sidearm. With Arma 3's Physics Engine You Now have the ability to add weapon slings. The only reason why you wouldn't would be laziness. even if you don't add the slings you can at least add the animation. {F21441} {F21442}


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Change Weapon change Animation and/or add weapon slings.

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That would be awesome.
Also you could just pick the primary up again while you're walking, and much faster.

Yes to carrying the primary on the chest, as is most commonly done, while carying it on the back, at least during my service, only occured during Formal exercises.

No to modeling an actual Sling, as i feel that would be a waste of time and resources on a small cosmetic feature that more often than not would only cause a visual glitchfest.

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We have to keep in account that this is a 3rd generation Military Simulation game, Even If you don't have an Animated Weapon sling it should be quite simple to make one appear across your neck/chest when changing weapons. It will at least show signs of an Attempt to make the game as realistic as possible.

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Solution: Make it as hidden selection and as proxy, show/hide/change form when weapon changed...
Can be affected by PhysX or animated when shooting (optional)

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They tried implementing it and they had some issues. End of story. Can everybody please stop making tickets about this?

That's not Really the right attitude towards it mate, To make things clear for you, it is possible and if you don't like the idea of it don't read the ticket or comment on it. End Of. Lets try and keep this on a Positive track shall we?

I'm sorry, I'm just getting frustrated because everyone's making tickets about something that the devs already said why they're not implementing it or said that they will implement it.

AD2001 chill mate :)
Weapon slings can be realised as i sayd, we dont have time now to make proto example. But it can works, we have good experimental results with this in Arma2, just need to have brains! :)

Do you have a video of the Arma 2 results?

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Duplicate of #12798.

It is an easy problem to fix for a game this realistic. Please add the animation to the game players have been asking for this for like 5 years.