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Grass flips like a fence to the ground
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When you crawl then the grass flips in a straight line like a fence to the ground. that is very unrealistic


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Crwal throught grass

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And when you step on grass you flatten it.

Can't simulate the effects of folding and crushing grass unless you want your computer to catch on fire since it would require splitting the grass even more and simulating x2 to x3 as much as it currently takes.

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The grass in Arma is a flat plane. Very, very few games have grass as more than one polygon. This is so we can see grass as far as possible in the distance with it taking the least amount of performance as possible.

As much as I would like realistic grass it's just not a reasonable thing to do for about another ten to fifteen years for Arma as seeing grass as far as possible will take a higher priority than geometrically detailed grass close up.

Hi NodUnit, I understand your sarcasm, but when i'm almost near some grass and it (already) falls like a 1 meter (in scale) fence, looks funny, but i'm sure they can do better, without setting my PC on fire. Or maybe its better not to do it at all..See CoD4

I agree, it must be possible to do this more elegantly... if not, maybe just don't flatten it when crawling.

I have noticed a tendency on many posts that peopple assume that things cannot be done by the programmers - I don't think we should speculate in that. Just vote up the suggestions you wish implemented and let Bohemia's programmers worry about how to solve it.

It has its oddities but so too does it have its usefulness. If the grass is too high then people will complain that they can't aim through it (though I suppose thats not as much a problem now with the new stances..)

It serves as a great tool for tracking if you keep an eye out, if you have enough experience you can make an educated guess as to what flattened it based on width (worked in arma 2) or where someone is/has been and follow their trail. great example but those are more bushes and weeds than grass..but hey we'll see plants bigger than that later so who knows.


Yes the effect is definitively better but the grass unrealistic, too high. Is it ossible to have the effect in A3 with a big open world?

Having grass like MGS means:

4 planes, 1 for each blade of grass. That's 4 polygons per grass so that's x4 performance impact for the same amount of grass.

Then each plane is subdivided at least three times for each blade of grass. So that's 4x3 = x12 the performance impact for the same 1 polygon grass as currently.

Then each blade of grass would need 3 "bones" to animate correctly compared to the current 1 "bone", and then react from collision and wind. That you give each grass asset x12 the performance impact on the CPU for animation and collision calculation.

I would much rather have x12 more grass on screen than have grass like MGS. Having small grass with the level of geometry is for a future Arma game. Though it's possible BIS will have that on the larger types of grass, but again, I doubt it. It's not worth the performance impact when the game has to simulate 1000 other things and with PhysX included as a compulsory feature that's even more of a strain on the CPU.

Could use one bone and animate via weighing, something like this

This way the animation is there but the grass only corresponds to it the higher it goes. Anywho, the guy was just tossing examples out there so I figured on tossing out one that I thought looked best, wouldn't be so bad with large bushes but not a chance in hell for grass itself.

True, I forgot about soft weights, shows how out of practice I am with animation. But that still leaves x12 GPU performance which again, I'd much rather have as much grass in the distance than good looking grass close up.

I think "the fence" should be laid down if you crawl, but triggered from the waist, not in front of you. That way, you keep performance as it is now, you can still track people through grass paths, and 1st person snipers won't complain about weird grass. Maybe this "grass waist trigger" should have it's own post if there is support for that idea, since a lot of the negative votes from the current grass post seem to stem from people thinking that it can't be done properly by the dev programmers.

For people complaining about not being able to see anything in high grass: well, it's high grass, sit up man! It's supposed to be hard to see things when you hide in vegetation :)

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 4:03 PM

It's a feature, not a bug. If you want higher fidelity in the grass flattening, you'll need to make a feature request.