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High beam for headlamps - vehicle lights
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The ability to switch to high beam for the the headlamps.


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I am not sure why this should be implemented? What will it provide the Arma experience? Turn signal lights seems more important that this to me.

darling added a subscriber: darling.May 7 2016, 4:02 PM

High beam lights allow you to see further ahead when driving in the dark. As most road cars have dual lights this obviously has some usefulness. They could also be used for illuminating a larger area, for example when guarding a road.

I don't think this works at the moment, but a short flash from the headlights could be used to temporally blind an opponent. Giving you time to get away while their eyes adapt to the dark again.

There is no need to add new light sources to the vehicles. Only the light distribution of the existing lights needs to change when switching between high and low beam.

I agree that being able to see further with high beam would be good, but when would you use low beam? Would that only be for not blinding your team mates. There is rarely any opposing traffic to blind :)

To me it seems that permanently changing the lights of vehicles from low to high would be the simplest solution to this.

Well, I would rater keep the current angle as the light is less visible from a distance if you want to keep a low profile. I do think I would actually switch between low/high beam while driving.

It seems like a reasonably easy function to implement. Use the L key to switch on the light. Use the Shift+L combination to switch the upper limit of the light source.

Perfect for those long dark journeys out in the middle of nowhere :-)

I found the lack of high beams an issue when I decided to go for a high speed midnight drive on Altis and couldn't see far enough ahead to react.

Yep, we want high beam lights.
In ArmA 3 it would be very usefull feature.
Of course there should be a possibility to switch between low and high beam.

I hope its possible to do by scripts.

this would be really useful. right now im on my free roam midnight mission on my quadbike and i can see no more than few meters further and thus i have to drive very slow and mostly on roads (if i dont want to hit anything) which is not a good idea as there are soldiers patrolling the roads and im alone and want to keep a low profile. i know i cant keep a low profile with my high beam lights on but as i dont have my nightvision yet this would be the best way. also flashlight attached to weapon dont light very far (compared to dayz standalone for example) but i dont have any experience with it from my real life so i dont know. anyway the ability to switch between high/low beam would be a greatly appreciated feature.

KtDodye added a subscriber: KtDodye.May 7 2016, 4:02 PM

Definitely strong immersion / gameplay breaker.
While driving at night on Altis Life I can see only like 5m ahead. I don't want to take NV (its stupid for civilian).

Our unit do night missions pretty often, the ability to see a bit further with high beams would be very appreciated.
On the flip side using low beams could be used to reduce the detectability of your vehicle while still retaining the ability to see the road in front of you.

Very good idea overall.

Aswan added a subscriber: Aswan.Oct 16 2017, 1:40 PM

This one should be made high priority in my opinion. Reason is at night you can't see anything unless you drive really slowly and that breaks immersion a lot. This would also make it more tactical to acctually take out lamps on the vehicles.