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MRCO's aimpoint doesn't emmit's light from moon-useless in the dark without NVG's
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without using NVG's you will see MRCO's reticule it's almost useless in the dark.
Expected behavior should be some kind of 'glow'in the optic helpers (sorry for my Elglish..but i m sure you know what i mean..)


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Steps To Reproduce

1)Put an Independent unit (as Player) in editor
2)Tweak the mission time to be night
3)Equip a weapon with an MRCO
4)Compare the glow on your main weapon ironsights with the 'aim helpers' of MRCO

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Can you provide examples of the optic "glowing" in real life?

no ..but i can provide a screenshot of the current situation

I ll test other weapons with other 'similar' optics and i ll come back

I was looking for links about this myself, but DarkWanderer beat me to it.
Damn Ninja.
As far as i can tell, every short- to midrange optic ingame right now, collimated as well as scoped actually ought to have an illuminated reticle.
From my own experience illuminated sights actually provide better visibility in low light conditions than in bright day light, due to higher contrast and the widened pupil of the shooter, while ingame it's the other way round right now.

The glow on the irons sights doesn't seem to be bright. I can see well with the NVG with the iron sight. I guess this might be fixed?

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@ProGamer Soooooo you're telling me that the Red Chevron on the MRCO isn't powered by a battery or anything?

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If it doens't glow, it is a bug, all combat sights should glow in dark, and has been like that since beta.

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