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Sling primary weapon forward instead of on back.
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The game would feel a lot less clunky and feel more realistic if instead of the character putting the weapon on his back everytime he pulls out his binoculars or side arm, he let the weapon sling forwards across his midsection, it would also help with transitioning to sidearm while moving.


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Change to secondary weapon or take out binoculars

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Here are some pictures to demonstrate.

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I think it's a little late for them to go back to the motion capture stage and redo that, transitions from that to the various stances as well as transitions from that to other animations. Release is what, 28 days away?

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+1 although it's possibly to late to do motion capture before release, the arma series is always being improved and code is being tweaked and added.
It hasn't been a from the ground up new game. Since this is the case they can log it for "to do" and maybe we will see this in an arma3 patch

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I didnt set a timeline for when they should put it in, I just ask that eventually they look at this, hell I dont care if its in ArmA4, as long as the current method is eventually evaluated and improved.