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Small arms recoil is unrealisitic
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When firing most small arms like rifles and LMGs the recoil is unrealistically powerful in that the players entire character bounces back and forth and the recoil isnt absorbed into the shoulder area and theres very bad control on your characters part, the muzzle rises steadily even in single fire mode.


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Fire weapon.

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Here is a video of a mod that shows the problem and solution a lot better.

Please fix it.

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The issue is already posted, but with the video included in this, I believe this offers a great solution

Sorry about that. Overlooked the video.

However, the recoil is still unrealistic. With a proper stance, you automatically counter any climb, weight of the weapon won't keep it in the sky anyway.

Usually the recoil causes a larger "cone of fire" not a vertical climb. This was "invented" by game developers as a counter mechanism for effective weapons in adverserial games also called "balancing".

Since we don't want any sort of balancing in a simulation, there is no need for such mechanics. Firing a shotgun or high caliber handgun (.50AE) will kick up the gun, but you won't keep it there unless you turn off gravity.

There are two groups of players: one group wants people to counter the recoil with mouse movements, the other group wants recoil to be countered automatically.

You don't have to move the mouse to reload, to activate switches, doors and what not. But people want to move the mouse for something that is an automated action in the real world (unless aforementioned large caliber/heavy projectile weapons). This, however, excludes mechanical recoil reduction (either muzzle brake or short recoil system).

Generally speaking, every handgun without a stock is prone to climb when the recoil energy is high enough. A .45ACP can be controlled pretty easy with a proper grip. Now imagine you'd have to manually reaim after each shot. Firing double taps in a life-or-death scenario is made way more difficult than it would be for the shooter as the movement in the real world is totally different from the unprecise movement of the mouse. Not everyone wants to feel like playing fast paced shooters, rocket jumping and shooting with excessive speeds.

If you fire a rifle, the recoil is absorbed by the body due to shoulder contact increasing the stability. A 5,56 or 7,62 fired fully automatic won't lead to shooting stars out of the sky as the shooter positions himself in a stance to counter the recoil (eg leaning forward, square to the target...). The recoil force is straight backwards and even countered by muzzle brakes and flash hider (eg A2 for M4/M16) that only have slots on the upper side of the hider.

Now you might say, what about a .50 cal? Well, the short recoil operation and the brake reduce the recoil to that of a 12 gauge shotgun. The sheer weight will make it impossible to have the gun rise and stay up. Try holding 13kg into the sky with extended arms.

The GM6 Lynx has a short recoil system, too.

The M200 Intervention has an effective brake and also weights 14kg.

Statek added a comment.Sep 2 2013, 9:37 PM

The ability to rest your gun and use the bipod really should be here, though
They should have been in every Arma game by default, and its pretty stupid that they aren't here now

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