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Remove "open door" order from actions orders menu
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Did you ever gave to one of your units the order to open a door?
I never did.

Look at the screenshot. That's what I got while I was trying to order one of my soldiers to patch himself up.

I think this should be removed from the command action menu.




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If its removed, how will we use it?

see also #13856

To be honest, I don't think it should be removed, but as with tarciop's link, these sort of commands should be made of low priority. I guess sort of like when you issue targets to squad members, and you have the option to choose a less apparent target and then you have the list of anything and everything else to scroll through.

Its priority is based on distance of soldier receiving the command to the object which action should be done with. So if you want to heal some soldier, make sure medic is next to wounded soldier and then healing option should be first in priority. Same with opening the door and any other action.

While the priority issue has more to do with the other ticket - I feel that there are some commands that should always take priority. There is plenty opportunity for you and the medic to be quite some distance from a wounded squadmate.

so as I said, move medic to him and then issue him the healing command, he will tell you when he arrives by "2: READY" message so what's the problem?

Well I don't actually see anything about this ticket being a game-breaking problem as we've all been working around it for 12 years or so, but while the gist of the ticket is that we should declutter the action menu and thereby improve the flow of gameplay, having a system where you can rely on being able to have your medic treat anyone in need, with a combination of 3 buttons, without having to trawl through a location-dependant list of options and without having to take the time to order him there to begin with, has to be an improvement?

That said, a) it's a mute point and b) this is not really related to this particular ticket anymore.
And c) why am I not playing the game right now!?!