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Error message: Zone Restriction Module synched with Trigger and set "apply to: objects in synchronized triggers"
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An undefined variable error message pops up if i try to use the zone restriction module and use the following setup: "apply to: objects in synchronized triggers".

It makes no difference if the trigger detect some objects or not.

Error in expression <ct call bis_fnc_moduleTriggers);


Error position: <_result>
Error Undefined variable in expression: _result

File A3\functions_f\Modules\fn_moduleUnits.sqf, line 31


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Steps To Reproduce
  • place the zone restriction module and choose the following synch-condition: "apply to: objects in synchronized triggers"
  • place a trigger, activation by BLUFOR, repeatedly
  • place a BLUFOR player object inside
  • start the mission preview
Additional Information

btw: After i have placed a ZoneRestriction Module and open it again the module switch to category "effects".

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Place the zone restriction module.
Create a trigger over the area you want. blufor/opfor present
Synchronize the trigger to the module.
Synchronize the unit to the module.

In that case it is a design mistake cause if the trigger should be detect the players inside are much better.
Why i should sync everyone when i can detect them with the trigger self? And what happens after a respawn? --> lol

1.43.xxxxx - nothing changed... round about 1.5 years later