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Game crash wen joining multiplayer games.
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game crash wen i play multiplayer. It crash on loading screens. {F21392} {F21393} {F21394}


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Game Crash

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I tried playing single player and it work fine. but online, ive tried at lease 5 time today and it crash every time.

Do you have only .rpt files in your app Arma 3 folder? .bidmp file should be created after every crash, I need .bidmp file too. Thank you.

NO i just have rpt. Unless its somewere els i don't know about. right now im in network/{pcname}/user/{username}/appdata/local/arma3.

My game crash again. here is the bibmp. file.

I need arma3_2013-08-22_19-39-07.rpt too. Can you attach too please? Thank you.

Here ya go,ive just send arma3_2013-08-22_19-39-07.rpt to you

Can you try it without these mods please? "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -mod=@raabans_Editor_Addons.pbo; @charextra; @AS50; @fhg_mp4_a3

It can be some incompatibility between mods.

Thank you.

Ok it is now remove

Do you have still this issue without mods? Can you upload somewhere new crashdumps please? Thank you.

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