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Scopes/Binoculars and 3 monitors
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Using a sniper rifle while running the game on 3 monitors leads to major advantages in multiplayer:

The zoomed area is not limited to the scope but to all three screens.
When playing with 3 monitors you can see a lot more while using rifle scopes or binoculars. See attached screenshots for clarification.

I know that this "you can see more" also applies to general gameplay, but it feels wrong if I can see so much more while sniping. {F21384}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • use 3 monitors (Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity)
  • use ingame rifle scopes or binoculars

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You probably...... didn't. shoot in real life. When you aim in scope, you usually holding it 0.5 - 2 inch from your eye. Human eye has very wide field of view. if you not focused on target you can see around So....YES..... YOU CAN see more... 3 monitors just makes it more realistic.

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But the problem is it's all zoomed in.

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Exactly, It would be no problem if the surroundings are not zoomed.

But that won't be technically easy, so the simplest solution would be to cover the rest of the screen in black.

That's nowhere near perfect, but it's the best compromise.

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