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AI Flinch after being shot
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AI recover from being wounded far too quickly. I have noted putting one to the chest to be immediately and accurately reengaged.

Simply make flinch animation longer, or slow down reaction of AI.


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Stilton added a subscriber: Stilton.May 7 2016, 3:59 PM

It looks especially bad in crouch-stance.
Personally, it seems the amount they 'lean' when hit looks too-much in that specific stance.. Perhaps it's the same, perhaps it was one instance..

But it seemed more pronounced -- To the extremes of ridiculous looking.

many people made tickets about this, even me, people complain that the AI takes several shots to kill, i complain that until they die they will act like if nothing happened

bis don't know how to change this, if they did they would have done it already

It's just getting worse, it's like the 80's all over again everyone body popping in random locations...
That ain't no RPG it's a rolled up piece of lino :-s

Why can't they just make them drop with ragdoll on the first or second shot, then depending on health they can try to get up, stay down or simply die.
Like when you run them over with vehicles and they sometime get back up :-)

It's almost like they're shouting "SHOOT ME AGAIN!... AND AGAIN!... COME ON ONE MORE!"
They just seem to love being shot multiple times lol

"bis don't know how to change this, if they did they would have done it already"

implying BIS would be hardworking to make the game better.

I don't get whats with all the jaded responses... Fair enough if you've got 'issues' with BIS (and i'm not talking about bugs here) -- I've wanted a fix so i can use vehicles for almost a year now. [ SLI flickering fix..]

...But the bug tracker _really_ isn't the place for non-constructive whining?
Stay classy internet.

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 3:59 PM

How the "flinch" works is that the player / AI rag dolls for a split second. It's a terrible system, because with the Arma 3 rag doll physics the hips tend to suddenly tighten up causing the bodies to sort of 'jump' when they are shot... It's really freaky. If I knew exactly why, I would make a ticket but I don't.

my complaints with BIS are not limited to a few issues, if that's what you mean, and if we are talking about non-constructive discussion, you are suming up to it.

Now, about the ticket, supposedly BIS said that the armor vests are balanced in this way:

-carrying capacity

supposedly, the NATO vests have the best protection, the Greenfor have the most balanced one, the OPfor are specialized in weight, but their carrying capacity is big (and holy hell, check their basic armor vest, its like a friking backpack).

I dont know what's the FIA armor vest in any special way.

@gutsnav: If the ragdolls are indeed activated allowing the body to go into free-fall... Then i agree with the reply who said the A.I should just fall down for a full second.. (like TPW_fall mod, or like when you hit them with vehicles)

Currently the instant re-engagement and the flinch is incredibly 'freaky' and unrealistic (and just plain bad) looking..

I hope BIS keeps variation though...
It may not look so bad, if it wasn't _every_ AI in a squad doing this flinching. In a large firefight it's very comical looking..

To have one of them doing it, might make him look like a bad-ass amongst his squad.. who are all falling down. To have a whole squad doing it.. It looks like whack-a-mole.

@ Dr_Death: Nobody -here- cares about your complaints with BIS. Take it to the forums. Also, This ticket is not about vest balance.

I think this is a dupe with #8799. Unless it's a complaint about the new flinch animations (which are to be corrected anyway, according to dev branch CL).