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Simulation/modeling fragments/shrapnel (grenades, shells, mine)
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I understand that the implementation of complex fragments is difficult (balance, engine). But this is a very important part of the battle simulation. Perhaps, in the future you give this issue the attention.
We are talking about the possibility of injury / damage to the outside radius of the explosive action
This can be accomplished without rendering the fragments. Just use a probabilistic system. For example, the probability of hitting standing infantry grenade fragments at a distance of 10 meters on level ground = 15%. If infantryman falls in the 15%, start calculation the affected area (can be random)..


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BIS, I know that this feature is very willing to many fans of the series. Like the idea ... You can try to apply the system of fragments only to the RGO. As an experiment ... And, believe me, the fans will love it!
Many people install ACE only for bipod and this.))

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Они конечно не сделают. Но я обеими руками за. : )

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Devs, look at ace, how Nou realise this feature
Frafment flow and dispersion is perfect feature for grenades and explosives in cqb

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In Soviet Russia, fragments simulate you.

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I can understand him)))

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@AD2001 знаешь в чём большой плюс русского языка?Я могу сказать,что ты хуй,и ты этого не поймёш это. Попытка перевести через Google Translate,к ФСБ тебе вышлет отряд боевых медведей. :)

Well,on topic,bump up and vote up.It was in ACE mod for ArmA2.

If that's how you want it, ti si pederčina. Crkni. :)

Croatia huh?
Well as I said just send an squad of assault bears to Croatia. :)

Just make frag flow...

I agree that some kind of fragmentation modelling would be really nice, but your suggestion only make sense for cases where LOS between soldier and grenade are completely unobscured. As soon as this is not the case, ie. partial cover from walls, other soldiers, etc. it gets more complicated.

The total number of fragments are also fixed, so the chance of getting hit needs to increase exponentially as you get closer to the grenade. And then the speed of the fragments needs to be considered at different ranges as 2000 m/s can kill you while 1000 m/s will "just" hurt a lot.

So a simple model can probably be created but your suggestions might just be a bit too simple :)