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Playing dead while in vehicles-multiplayer exploit
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In ArmA 3, it is possible to invoke the "Dead in vehicle" animation, appearing KIA to players by damaging yourself, and then getting into a vehicle in the middle of the self-heal animation.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Get hurt
2: Administer FAK
3: Get into vehicle during FAK animation

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Obviously, this does not affect AI. However as I demonstrated in my video, game modes/missions/mods featuring IEDs gives attacking players a significant advantage over players who assume them dead.

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Confirmed in 0.77.108906.

micovery: But this is clearly a bug. It would be nice to have a possibilty to play dead, though.

Considering what you have to do to activate this "feature" it's not much of one ;)

You'd be best creating a feature request for that, of course searching first to make sure one doesn't exist already.

Unable to reproduce in version 1.10. I have disabled action for entering to vehicle during using FAK.
Do you have still this issue?
Thank you for info.

It also appears if you use step over and then enter a vehicle.

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Can easily be reproduced by repairing a vehicle as a repair specialist and entering the vehicle while the animation is played. Refer to issue #9439 for a repro mission (would also be nice to see that ticket getting assigned)

It seems if you are playing any animation (other than normal movement ones) it places you in the vehicle as dead.

Personally, i think this should stay. Even though it's very hard to fall for, some people do, and that might mean the difference between life or death in a survival situation. I've done it in Hardcore Wasteland to survive, was stranded, someone drove up, looked at inventory, i got out, shot him, took his vehicle. Would have lost everything. Besides, you can play dead in real life. sooo...