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device for drones
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so i watched the "live stream" and i didnt like the way when you control a drone and your player is just stood there with a rifle. it would be cool to implement a device for the player to use to toggle the control of the drones. {F21361} {F21362}

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We don't even need an animation of moving, just an anim of a soldier holding it.

Also, it would be nice if you had to have it in the inventory to control a drone.

What is he doing standing there still? Oh wait, he is controlling his drone with his thoughts!

The anims on the screenshots look good enough, just add some kind of screen or something to the hands.

@AD2001 There is a UAV control Unit and you have to have it in your Inventory to control drones. It goes in the same slot as the GPS, but the model, when you drop it on the Ground is the same as for the GPS. Might be a placeholder hell if i know.

is it really possible IRL to control a UAV such as Mq9 reaper/rq1 Predator with a basic tool like a laptop ?

Heavy uav like that need a real ground control station :

players should be forced to enter some kind of semi-trailer to connect to UAVs.

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just make a tablet device for small drones and notebook for big/difficult controlling drones