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MouseButtonDown on dialog/control : mouse wheel not fired
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The events MouseButtonDown, MouseButtonUp and MouseButtonClick are not fired for the mouse wheel button, nor any other buttons than left and right clicks.

On the inGameUI (display 46), all the mouse buttons are well fired.
On dialogs, only the buttons 0 (left) and 1 (right) are fired.
This problem is also available on the controls of a dialog. {F21356}


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This problem can be produced by adding the event handler by script (displayAddEventHandler) or in the dialog class definition (onMouseButtonDown).

SQF : (findDisplay ID_DIALOG) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown", "player globalChat format [""DOWN : BTN %1"", _this select 1];"];
OR CFG : onMouseButtonDown = "player globalChat format [""DOWN : BTN %1"", _this select 1];";

The attached mission file shows the mouse wheel working on inGameUI, then not working on two dialogs (displayAddEventHandler and onMouseButtonDown).

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Confirmed, this bug f8ckup our brains with some wip great mod, we cant hook scroll button. Fix it please


@Psychobastard read the description. wheel click works for display 46 regardless it is when you create your own dialog with your own idd only right and left click works.

Ups, sorry. You're right. In that case confirmed too.

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Updated : The problem is also available on the controls of a dialog.