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Keep/drop bullet cases and empty magazines on the ground
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Keeping magazines and bullet cases on ground is a very good help for tracking the enemy (where they were shooting) as in ACE.

Please make it optional in game settings, its a helpful feature for infantry gameplay.


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Do you realize, as of with vanilla, magazines are not discarded unless really empty? So if you do tactical reloads all the time, there be no magazines discarded.

And with sleeves you probably mean 'cases' (as in 'envelope of a projectile'), probably.

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He is talking about fake debris on the ground.

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Thank you Fireball, yeah I mean empty shells as in ACE and empty magazines.

About magazines: You can hold some key modifier when press Reload button to keep empty magazine in inventory! CTRL+R for example :)
Something like that...
p.s. replace the empty mag for item, item can be droped or/and used for resort magazines, etc.