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Uniforms have "Scrubbed" Flags?
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Not quite sure if this was done in response to people complaining about all the uniforms and helmets having an American flag, if it's done to look worn in, or if it's just a bug, but it seems every piece of gear that once had an American flag on it now has these empty patch with an extremely faded American flag on it. It's there, but not to a level that you can see it unless you look for it. If this was done to remove the flag to make the game a bit more nationality friendly, please PROPERLY remove the flag and make it a velcro section, not just a really faded patch. {F21340} {F21341}


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Just a side idea: if it's actually a glitch and not an attempt to scrub away any trace of nationality; how about an IR flag? Would help identify friendly units even more at night and they're actually used on deployments.

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Some vests have the same issue. Even changing the rvmat and the vests_smdi.paa didn't help!

BIS, please add a new hidden selection for flag patches.

It's not just an eye-sore, this flag makes retextures pretty much impossible.

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Duplicate of #0012360.

I was able to get rid of the US flag on the uniform by editing the clothing1_nohq.paa

Then I applied a custom rvmat file via hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"glt_items\uniforms\clothing1.rvmat"}; to the baseclass. Well, it's working now but the wound textures are now not working anymore. As I've heard that's a common issue when applying a custom rvmat file to a unit.