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Multiple use of mouse scroll wheel
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This ticket is to clarify the multiple use of the mouse scroll wheel, there's no reason to make several tickets. Many tickets on this but I will give you my logic :

1- Control : scroll wheel for adjusting differents stances of the character or set variable speed of vehicules. Don't need a combination with a key, the control is really important, and much better than Ctrl+Z (W) / S to adjust the stances, let the movement free. An interesting option is to have a variable speed with the character with a combination of key-binding and the scroll wheel ( keep Shift for sprinting ).

2- Set weapon : •Zoom


A combination of keys-binding and the scroll-wheel.
To let the left hand free for movement, don't have to use + / - or page up / page down.

3- Switch fire-mode : F + scroll wheel, F is a problem with grenade launcher, you can reverse the process without to pass with grenade and let another key to resolve this.

4- Switch weapon : key binding + scroll wheel, to resolve the problem of selecting weapon with menu. Good when you've got a launcher so 3 weapons ( rifle, launcher, pistol), can reverse the process.

5- Self-action / abstract-action menu : key binding + scroll wheel, key binding to open self action menu and scroll wheel to set it, select by clicking on the scroll wheel button the action.

Note self-action / abstract-action, so for context-sensitive ( ex. Open a door...) use spacebar.


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I think it's going in good way with this, my logic is to keep the left hand for movement / control and the right hand for aiming and firing which is really important in Arma. Note that it can be set in the key-mapping.

Your feedback is important!

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I like the idea of stance change with scroll, would be interesting to test

Ok I've tested it and it is really good. The problem is at the moment there is some sort of bug with animations, so I made a ticket, but feel free to test the concept:

Thanks for your feedback, I have to try for your ticket.

Combination of scroll wheel with different keys is very necessary.
As described above, there's a broad area of usage:

• vertical stance adjustment
• velocity control
• weapons selection
• fire mode (also think of different types of throwing a handgrenade)
• zeroing
• zooming (may be)
• and of course: menu selection (action menu, main menu, command menu, high command menu)

At the moment, from all these possibilities we have:
• menu selection

... what a poor performance. Please make it better then it is.

It's possible to do this easily for BIS, it's just a question of key-mapping and revaluate the key combination, more easy than lot of wishes and a big plus for gameplay / control, just need to remake the menu system and it's command.

It is the title or what? I think this ticket is one of the most important for gameplay and control but no more body!

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You can find our protype of stance adjustment by scroll on this tracker ;)

Lol, we have to test now a new feature on the mouse, the scroll wheel...

Upvoted. Personally, I'd like to use the mouse wheel for things like adjusting zoom by holding Ctrl and adjusting zeroing by holding Shift.

And I can't believe this hasn't been implemented. With all due respect. BIS needs to hire some people in the 'common sense'-department.

Adjustments for Whee is good idea. But what about Adjust left and Adjust right& Game is don't now about this buttons.


Sorry I don't really understand what you mean? Do you speak about the leaning position?

Ah! you mean left?right as in COD, Rainbow63? Right?
We will try to do that too a bit later...

Anachoretes may be talking about scroll wheels that can rock left/right (basically two more buttons in the scroll wheel, intended for scrolling left/right). I'm using a mouse with this feature right now, but Arma can not use it.

Allowing multiple uses of the mouse wheel by using modifier keys would be a great improvement in Arma's controls. Example:
Scroll = stance up/down
Space + scroll = action menu
Ctrl + scroll = zeroing

You can give ideas for standard mapping, but keep in mind that it need to be customable in the key mapping. If you've got ideas for a really accurate standard mapping give it for additional info, I will put it in the ticket, it's maybe one of the most important thing to improve control/gameplay in A3, thanks for your interest, it's not only my ideas and it's for everybody to enjoy more to play.

@plutoto74 i mean - scroll left and scroll right

instead ctrl+A\D by default.

Also, would be great to use X and Y on trackIR for adjustments..but this is another story...

Ok I didn't know that an horizontal scroll wheel exist on mouses, if BIS wants to change and to be interest by this ticket it could be a good feature, and I will take a look to change my mouse!

Track IR it is like Occulus Rift? Because I tried it and it's really cool, the future of games, the resolution is too low now but definitely amazing, the only prob is to see the keyboard, and in Arma you need to take a look sometimes at the buttons!

Sad, devs are more using the tracker for bugs now, lot of old wishes for features are not satisfied. Please BIS wakes up!

Can only agree, using modifier keys with scroll wheel would be great (stance is my primary case at the moment, and ceeeb's suggestions above seems solid)

Well I think it's one of the most important thing for this game but have no answer from devs!

want to revive this post
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