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[Feature Request] + FIRE EXTINGUISHERS
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Please add small portable fire extinguishers to the game.

Many times a player is trapped under a burning vehicle.

If we could quickly grab our newest "weapon" (the fire extinguisher), we could put the fire out, pull our friends away from the smoking vehicle, and heal them up quickly.

Waiting for the fire to burn itself out is not good. Quickly putting out a fire is.

It could also add a new job aspect to ARMA 3 - Firefighter! Hahaha.

For dealing with bigger fires, the mod community could add pump trucks, fire hats, breathing gear, bright yellow suspenders, and a Dalmation dog.

Ok, forget I mentioned the extra stuff. I just want a fire extinguisher that works!


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yes, there are problems with that
but I don't think it's a good idea to create a "weapon" for that, just an action menu item should be enough.
u choose the action, and the player start's an animation (similar to medics) for about 10 seconds so the fire stops.. (maybe reusing fireplace action)

Cool. Whatever category works best! I just want a fire extinguisher.

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