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Moving with aiming deadzone force you to reaim all the time
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Aiming deadzone is much much better now, not perfect but really more useable, problem that when you move you have to reaim all the time cause of the sight recentered all the time when you stop. It's not happen without the aiming deadzone, the sight is always in the center of the screen.

It's not really efficient like now cause if you aim somewhere in direction of an ennemy or where you think is he and you move you have always to reaim if your sight wasn't centered.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Open CONFIGURE, GAME and set the AIMING DEADZONE up to zero. ( for me to MAX )
-Start a mission and aim, move your sight out of the center.
-Move and stop.
-Note the sight is now recentered.

Additional Information

To resolve that keep the sight in direction where you were aiming like without the aiming deadzone cause of the sight always centered ( so no changement in your aiming ).

It's really disappointing like it now, it's a pity cause the aiming deadzone is really much better now ( more smouth ).

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