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Solution for lack of Tank Interiors + badly simulated CITV
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Lack of Tank interiors and lack of ability to turn out "low" decreases situational awareness, since only a single "vision block" or episcope/periscope can be used at a time.

Below I have supplied my suggested solution in the form of images: {F21322} {F21323} {F21324} {F21325}


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Works as follows:

Remove CITV from vehicles that do not possess it (Marid, IFV6 Panther as current examples). Add vision blocks for all episcopes/periscopes of a single combat position inside the vehicle, up to a maximum of seven (Forward + 3 left + 3 right) and select the VBs using the numpad keys (8 forward, 9,6,1 right, 7,4,1 left.)

This goes for driver and commander positions, but especially drivers since they are especially handicapped by lack of visual perceptiveness as players unless they turn out.

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This would be great to have. Pls u guise *puppy eyes*

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HOLD should be supplemented with TOGGLE, ideally.

This would be a "feature request".

This would still be a neat thing to have. Anyone?

Much easier to implement than the 3D interiors, and a better stop-gap solution than the Arma 1 style solution we have now.

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Looks cool , and may be done, because is more simple than a 3d interior (I think)

Okay I will be honest...

Something I like about the current setup is that if everyone is forced into FPS view, then the driver has to depend greatly on the instructions of the commander, since comander can turn out and have a better view. The same with gunner, the rotation of canon is slow, so gunner cant be looking around fast, so also yet again, dependant on the commanders role.

I like this suggestion, but I feel it may take away from the dependancy of the commanders role with the 7 view ports, however I would say 3 view ports should be sufficient. Front, Left and Right. That I think will fairly be a win/win for both dependacy of the commander and more situational awareness for the driver.

voted up for it anyways =)

It should be realistic, if the driver does not have to depend on the commander as much anymore then so be it.

It doesn't even need to be this complicated to include new control mechanisms and whatnot. It can work within the existing system.

The simplest way to add this would be to make the driver interior LOD pitch black with viewports like you demonstrated. You'd then just use the freelook key to look around the three viewports and you could even partially look through each one.

Like so:

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Hmm. How about simulating this with an additional turret, just like the commander's on BMP2? Set the limits or it's rotation, smt like 70 degrees to the right and left. It would be easier to use.

Funny thing, you could make a physical black box with only the physical periscopes cut out, allowing the players to look left and right in them without having to assign workarounds.

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Would prefer 3D Interiors, but it's a good compromise.

good idea. i especially like sniperwolfs572s suggestions in the comments:
"make the driver interior LOD pitch black with viewports like you demonstrated. You'd then just use the freelook key to look around the three viewports..."

i want to add, that with clever art-design you could further spice up the view with some displays showing cam-feeds or gps or other important informations. if its done decently it surely could feel immersive even without a fully modeled interior.

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