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Stratis misc objects (barrels, bags etc.) do not support PhysX
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Stratis misc objects (barrels, bags etc.) do not support PhysX physics. They do not react to shots or anything and behave like simple animated objects (doors).


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Steps To Reproduce

Place yourself in editor at, for example, Air Station Mike-26.
Find and shoot at some barrels or bags.
See how they rotate sideways as animated objects (doors?) / disappear.

Additional Information

In the recent changelogs, misc objects were highlighted as supporting PhysX as long as they're spawned. The same technique should be used for Stratis/Altis default design miscs.

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That would be nice. It could probably be finished in a week, but I'm guessing not till after release.

Objects placed in the map are loaded and regarded differently than objects placed in editor or spawned via scripts.
It's an engine issue that is unfortunately too complex to be changed for release.