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Arma 3 crashes at launch all the time
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Every single time i lauch arma 3 it crashes and i am unableto play the game i have treid everything to fix it , -nobenchmark, -nosplash, reinstalling, and nothing works {F21317} {F21318} {F21319}


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Game Crash
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  1. launch game
  2. Arma 3 has stopped working
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i have attached my crash report

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Do you have arma3_2013-08-08_08-54-58.bidmp file too? Can you attach here or upload somewhere? Thank you.

I checked .rpt file. Try instal latest graphics and especially PhysX drivers.

i uploaded the bidmp file

i am in satlling the latest PhysX driver i will update if it works or not

installing the latest drivers didnt work, should i upload the most recent rpt and bidmp files?

if it helps, here are my system specs
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 540m
CPU: Intel core i7-2600s @ 2.80GHz
OS: windows 7 home premium

Do you use integrated GPU in i7 cpu? Issue can be in switching between GPU in CPU and GT 540m.

no it isnt intergraded

what should i do?, im eager to play this game

Did you try other DX11 games? Did you try unistall grapic drivers with some drivers cleaner and then do clean install?

i do have other DX11 games and they work fine so im assuming DX11 isnt the problem

Can you try kill all unnecessary applications before start Arma III? Some software can block start of Arma III. Which antivirus software do you use?

i have disabed my anti virus for the game, i use iolo and that didnt work

okay so wth the most recent update it only crashes when i click play so there appears to be a diffrent error so i am attaching te files regarding the crash after the update

Can you try it in dev version of Arma 3 and let me know?

Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Betas>development build
This version may not stable and it can contain more bugs, than Stable Arma 3 Beta version.

the dev build did not work, it crashed at the same place

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I am having exactly the same issue. Tried the dev build and updated video drivers as well. The only difference is that I use Radeon card. First I thought it's just the fact of having multiple displays, but when I switched to single monitor, there's same effect.

The game never worked for me as just bought it 3 days ago...

@immortalhat: Do you have still this issue in actual version?

@kapeer: Create new report for your issue and don't forgot attach crashdmups please. Thank you.

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Should be closed.

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