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Request to set 'None' when selecting Speaker in your profile
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When using tools such as Voice Activated Commands (VAC) your avatar effectively repeats everything you say. From a tip I received the 'Radio' audio option can turn this off, but it doesn't seem to be working in the regular Beta (this actually makes sense because the radio volume should be separate to in-game voices).

I'm suggesting a couple of solutions for this:

  • Add 'None' as a Speaker option in the player profile


  • Add a volume control for your avatar's voice in the Audio options menu


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I would consider this a low priority that would be nice to have rather than a necessity.

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We took a quick look at the possibility of an 'empty' radio protocol, but there were some extra issues involved with it.

  1. Silent sound-files would, in the current post-process pipeline, still have a radio crackle and an xmit beep
  1. Empty sound files would mean the reports in the protocol log would appear and disappear too quickly, as they're currently tied to transmission

Part of our future plans for the protocol may allow us to fix the first issue, so we could take a look at this idea at that time.