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Bearing to targets in target menu change with direction
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The compass bearings given in the target menu (key 2) will change as you turn around.
Facing the target give the value due north and facing away will give due south.
It should be an unchanging value. {F21313} {F21314}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

Place a unit grouped with a friendly AI.

Place an enemy AI (facing away so you don't get shot).

Reveal enemy AI as target.

Check compass bearing in menu.

Close menu and rotate.

Recheck compass bearing.

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ceeeb added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 2:29 AM

Confirmed, group action and target menus use directions relative to the formation heading, using language that implies true bearings. They even using cardinal directions (North, East, etc) with North being straight ahead irrespective of it's true orientation!

Cardinal directions should only ever be used for true bearings (relative to the world).
O'clock (or some other dissimilar method) should be used for relative bearings.

ceeeb added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 1:18 AM

Related to #11392

Something's definitely wrong with it now. I turn to bearing to face the enemy, and all of a sudden he's behind me. Nope, to the right of me. Wait I mean the left. This mothafucka is FAST!

hladas added a subscriber: hladas.May 7 2016, 3:55 PM

work in progress

confirmed fixed