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Default items, to reduce men running around in skimpies
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with all the mod packs coming out now, many people have packs that many do not. this leads to alot of grown men running around in there underwear with assault weapons. Try as I might I cant seem to download enough packs to stop it, someone always has one I have missed. And why would I want to fight with keeping all those mods running?

It would be nice to have a "Default" gear that on client-side it will show up to replace missing items.

So if someone is running say the "Santa Claus" suit running around and you have some sense and have not downloaded it. you will see him is the standard BIS gear.

basically when your game see's "big_red_fluffy_coat" in the suit spot and it can not find the file it will instead use "recon_fatigues" in the suit spot. if the player has no glasses, your game will see that it has nothing in the glasses spot and therefore not put a default item in its place.

maybe it could do the same thing with firearms, and just put in clientside the default BIS firearm that the character would have. Obviously if someone is shooting a AS50 mod pack in a rifle man slot you will see him shooting 2000m accurately with a MX, which would be tacky, but would be far better than seeing him shoot an invisible gun that makes no sound.


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Run an obscure, unsigned mod. (to remove servers that require/limit mods)

Join a green server allowing all mods

watch men run around in there under wear with invisible firearms.

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