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Iron sights are improperly sighted
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ArmA 3 currently has iron sights improperly sighted.

Iron sights should be sighted so that the target sits on top of the front sight post. This is commonly know as a "center hold", and is also how the United States Marine Corps teaches all of its recruits to shoot.

Right now it seems that ArmA 3's iron sights are sight in so that the tritium night sight must cover the target. Also know as a frame hold.

If you are confused as to what I am talking about read this:


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How about pretending USMC changed their minds in 2035? :)

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Or how about knowing USMC≠NATO?

Does anyone know what method NATO uses most commonly?

bracketing is only used for hold overs. The preferred method is the center hold. You can't hit what you can not see. Covering the target (and you cover quite a lot with a front sight on distance) is not advisable. If you have to shoot beyond the zero range, you have to hold over, but iron sights are considered back up these days (if your scope is destroyed or out of batteries)

This is just with the pistol sights right?

With all open sights, actually. A pistol sight is normally center hold or below six (for competitions). You won't want to shoot with hold overs with a handgun (range up to 50m).

With rifles you can shoot to 1k without issues, depending on the sight, you can achieve a center hold, if your range adjustment maxed out, you have to use hold over (framing) techniques, which makes is more difficult to engage camouflaged or half visible targets. Old Mauser 98 rifles could be set to 1200m (7,92 Mauser or better known as 8x57 IS nowadays)

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