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PLEASE ADD: "Walk to run toggle" and "Combat pace toggle" to Game Options
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It would be great if there were two more useful settings in Game options.
The first being a "Walk To Run Toggle" check box and the second being a "Combat Pace Toggle" check box to allow those who prefer too walk before run or too start off in the combat ready have the option to set it up in options before heading in-game.

The "Walk To Run Toggle" and the "Combat Pace Toggle" already exist and can be bound to keys and used in-game but I feel the player should be given the option too set there own preference in the options menu along with binding in the controls.


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If these options are added don't alter how the keys are pressed!, I like that I have to hold combat pace before it will allow me to run when the run key is pressed. -Thanks

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This is a feature request, not settings.

i dont reach you, you can already go from walk to run in an instant with a key

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