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AI die when opening parachutes
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When an AI unit opens their parachute they die. {F21291}


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Place unit. Add parachute. Set unit's elevation to 1200m. Repeat process for player unit. Add AI unit to your group. Play and when the AI reaches the altitude to deploy the parachute they deploy it and then die.

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Oh I thought this was just me having this problem... Clearly not! UPVOTED! :)

Create a mission with this issue please then upload it to the ticket so it is easier for other people to see and vote up.

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not happening to me, instead, they open their parachutes, they hit the ground, but the parachutes cant be closed, so they end up drifting in ground with their parachutes in the closing animations for ever

I don't know how to upload the mission, I tried but it said I could not upload this file type. ??? this is the message I get: APPLICATION ERROR #501

File type not allowed for uploads.

Please use the "Back" button in your web browser to return to the previous page. There you can correct whatever problems were identified in this error or select another action. You can also click an option from the menu bar to go directly to a new section.

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you need to upload .rar

Or a zip file.

Ok thanks I will try to upload it. *edit: I uploaded the mission sorry about the wait and thanks for the info on how to upload missions.

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This is super annoying as a mission maker. BIS really needs to fix this before release.

I've been trying it with the CSAT Paratrooper units just now. Problem still remains for me: They don't use free-fall animations except for the very first second and when they deploy the parachute it's like they themselves get deleted.

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Still happening apparently. This is a huge problem as far as I'm concerned, and should be somewhere in the stack of priority fixes. Having the AI die when they deploy their parachute, in a large scale war game is just wrong.

We're not talking about one or two of the AI. We're talking about the entire para-squad. Any Ai that uses a chute, be it 1 or 100.