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Ah-99 looses lift under banking
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Here is the video.

Where as other choppers handle just fine.
Such as this video:

Also, please note that the monitor that tells you your pitch is inverted in Ah-99


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I would leave it as it is, still we bend physics a bit with some of those choppers ;). At least you need to predict some things, and the choppers behave a bit differently.

Agree, but this one behaves in a completely opposite way from the others. Other choppers with similar Seems to actually gain lift during this maneuver. And most of the time with this chopper it is unpredictable. Sometimes you are fine, but most of the time you drop like a rock.

In fact, the closer you are to the ground the more lift you gain with less power, that is because the downward thrust of air causes sort of an airbag which gets squeezed the closer it gets to ground.

Pretty sure the behavior in the first link is not normal.

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There should be a bit of lift loss and you can see it influenced in parts of the vide, especially with the ghost hawk but the blackfoot acts as though it gets caught in some down draft and tossed like a frisby.

Looks like a bug to me.

Fireball, for me too :D, AI falling down sometimes by this bug

I don't drop like a rock at all. At bank angles of 90 degrees or more you should lose lift as the rotor blades are not oriented upright. I use extreme bank angles of approximately 90 degrees to do quick stops with out gaining altitude.

@NodUnit. That is a perfect explanation of what I was experiencing. Thanks.

@Kol9yN. Never put AI into this heli. Can you let me know how to replicate that? Want to see what happens and where the AI goes wrong.

@DemmisModem. Yes, you make complete sense. However, if you look at what happens in the video, is the chopper starts gaining altitude, by bleeding speed into altitude increase, and at the end looses altitude, but after leveling out it stays still.

Now, if you look at AH-99. The Opposite happens. You don't gain altitude, and after you level out and apply full throttle the chopper continues dropping like a rock.

Seemes to be fixed! Hooray!

Confirming fixed.

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Funny, it felt like it was realistic. As RAH-66 problem was that it had way too low lift and got almost no lift when having full armament (6 Hellfires + cannon or 6 stingers + cannon or 24 Hydra 70 rockets + cannon) with pilot and gunner on board, barely got up on air without armament and even then had low lift capabilities.'s not the RAH-66, it's the AH-99. It's the future, it's better.

Fri13 added a comment.Aug 18 2013, 8:53 PM

It has same fuselag, same main rotor design etc, engine update and software updates didn't help :)

Well... it is fictional so why not ;)

It's the RAH-66. Same design as real life, name is just changed to avoid lawsuit against the game.

I know this has been resolved but there should be some loss of lift during a maneuver like this! It should'be up to the pilot to correct for this loss.

Then it must be implemented for every helicopter; that would be a "feature" ticket. Remembering many other chopper simulators and real life footage, there is no such "air hole" when helos are banking at sufficient speed.

Closing down.