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when treading water if you look down the water goes see through (no textures or coulour)
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i noticed this for a very long time now.

if you tread water and look down you can see that the water disapears for a brief moment.

its like there is a gap between above and below water.
really does effect the immersive game-play of the water world {F21289} {F21290}


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Swimming and Diving
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place unit(player) in water/ocean
look down slowly and look up slowly

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tested in the latest dev on the 6-8-13

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this sadly happens to pretty much every first person game. Take oblivion or skyrim, the same happens their. not much they can do.

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Oh right, even if they could tweak it even a little bit that would be appreciated as it is quite bad :/

It isn't bad, its for quite a small (hard to exploit) angle, with the waves bobbing your view so you cant really exploit it.. its good really :3

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You would think it would be easy to just draw a filter up to the water level which would be removed when diving and revert to normal.

I dont remember that this also happend in FARCEY 3 ???

It's not only a grafic issue. You can spot other divers easily by using this bug. :-(