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SDAR fires wrong ammunition
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The SDAR fires 7.62 rounds in real life, but in Arma it fires 5.56 caliber rounds. It would be nice to have the SDAR fire the 7.62s, as it has very little stopping power at the moment.


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Agreed, it seems it was unfairly limited because of the underwater part.

We are in 2013, A3 in 2035 so SDAR if exist can evolve. Look at my ticket, see the vids, you will see that 5.56 supercavitating rounds exist, problem that 5.56 ingame is too underpowered faced to the reality. It's in the future so no weapons of today but maybe advanced version...

What I am saying is that there are no drawbacks really to having the SDAR fire 7.62 Supercavitating rounds, as it would in real life if used as an underwater rifle, and anyway the 5.56 rifles do barely anything underwater.

At the origin AR 10 ( M 16 ) was designed for 7.62 but you know the story, it finished in 5.56 for the AR 15. 5.56 in game is too underpowered compared to real life. 5.56 has a devastating power in reality, and 5.56 exist for supercavitating.

Yes, 5.56 is so devastating that ever since the war in afghanistan began, troops have been complaining about taliban getting up after being shot multiple times and running away.

It is not too underpowered, general damage handling and the health system are problematic right now.

I've read a tread with a military medic who said that 5.56 is not so underpowered, giving some examples of horribles wounds with 5.56. 5.56 isn't enough powered for passing trough walls or elses, it's why soldiers complained about it, not for damaging bodies.

The 5.56 in ARMA 3 is still very weak. Maybe a little better than 9mm :P

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Jesus Christ you guys, this has already been gone over.

SDAR and the rest of the weapons in the game are made to have distinctions from the real weapons, so BIS doesn't get sued over licensing shit.

If you don't like using the SDAR, then don't use it. If you're planning to shoot people on land and not under water, don't pack it.

Talking about packing it, if you're going to use an SDAR for underwater combat, and pack another rifle in your backpack for land combat.

Not complicated.

They changed the vermin to it's correct real life caliber, why wouldn't they do the same for this?
Licensing wise only only a different name would be needed.

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Up Vote, would make it more useful on land and would match the mag loaded in the gun far better.