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Footstep sound loops while in low crouch with main weapon
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When in low crouch and with a main weapon ready, the walking footstep sound loops.


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Play as any unit and go into the low crouch stance (using the modifier key) and ensure that a rifle or main weapon is readied.

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Please note this is in (I presume Dev) version 0.75.108570

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alef added a comment.Aug 11 2013, 6:24 PM

Footprints are also left on the place while staying still.

Movement sounds were tweaked today, but when I checked on this issue, it was still present.

Cannot reproduce on my end. No problem found

I can confirm that it was present in earlier builds.

I can no longer reproduce it as of todays DEV build, please confirm.

It is still here at stable 0.76

Rest of guys must be sure to assume THIS stance
..and be in "WALK" mode

V_Ninth added a subscriber: V_Ninth.May 7 2016, 3:53 PM

This happened to my today. On 0.76. Haven't noticed it before, though I'll go and check again, see if the problem persists, or if it just happened once.

Please test these issues in the Dev builds and report back. Stable is already outdated and behind the Dev even with the recent update.

Reporting back from latest dev.version. (077.109136)
The problem it's still there.
In next hours i ll provide a video.
As it seems the problem shows up in middle-stances (the stances who have the ^ and downside equivalent symbol)

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