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Turning turret requires engine to be turned on
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Modern fighting vehicles have a seperate engine to turn their turrets.

This was one of the first thigns ACE fixed in Arma II.

Turning the turret shouldnt require the engine to run. At least not in such sohisticated vehicles as the Marshall.

This becomes an issue since a turned on engine will increase your heat signature significantally (nice btw).

But because of this a proper support engine for the turret is required.



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Step into an LAV.

Turn engine off.

Go into gunner position.

Turn turret.

Experience that the engine begins to run.

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I'd add that the turret of the marshal can turn even if the engine is inoperable, like when it is out of fuel. Another layer of broken!

Well, realistically, you'd need power to run the drives. Most modern combat vehicles have an internal APU for that purpose.

And the APU is powered by a different energie source than the motor.

On top of that most vehicles still have a redundant manual turret turn control.

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This is still a Quality of Life ticket that would be nice to see resolved.

Currently, ALL of the armored vehicles require the engine to be on when turning the turret. It's quite archaic and inconsistent as cars with turrets do not have this requirement. The hunter/ifrit/strider HMG/GMG turret can turn with the engine off, but the Marid and Panther somehow can't?

I'm really surprised at this, I figured there'd be electric drives in most if not all vehicles by 2035.

It's really just a small tweak to the config to change "startEngine = 1;" to "startEngine = 0;"