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Compass/heading for SDV driver & gunner (optics)
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the optics/monitors for both the driver and the gunner (in periscope view) lack a compass heading indicator.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. get into a SDV as gunner or driver
  2. press [Num 0] to stitch into optics mode
  3. note the dificulty to know in wich direction you are looking, especially as driver under water, but also as gunner after raising the periscope.
Additional Information

A compass/heading indicator would be verry valuable, especially considering the difficulties in navigating the underwater environment.

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Doesn't the gunner have a bearing indicator or whatever it's called?

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Unfortunately he does not have a bearing indicator. He has elevation, magnification, vision mode (Vis, NV, WHOT etc.) and a range indicator. An additional bearing indicator would be useful.

this has been resolved a few patches ago. Ticket can be closed.

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