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NIght is broken
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The night seems broken on the Dev build at least. The stars look like footballs and the streets are lighted as if it was in a rollercoaster park.

Somehow its not that bad all night long. The later it gets the worse it gets.

Also it seems I cannot find a night with moonlight anymore.

These bright lights and black darkness everywhere without a light looks awfull=(

YOu had it right before you changed the light settings. I hope you get it right again too.



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AD2001 added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 2:48 AM

That second sentence.

That's the new LSD program ArmA3 feature the future military will be testing. BIS did nothing wrong.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 3:37 AM that sarcasm?

@AD2001 I believe it's called a 'joke'.

Do you have a time and date this happens because I couldn't reproduce it.

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Maybe it's an alien invasion?

I happen to get this effect nearly every evening. I think it happens around 22:00.

Also onto this topic:

I just happened to realize how nice the clouds look! <b>But if you look at the clouds in the early morning you will notice, that they are way to black at first and then way to orange.

Gugla added a comment.Sep 17 2013, 1:24 PM

Fixed long time before release