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AI Use Flashlights Hilariously Wrong and Walk like they have NVGs when its to dark to see.
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In the mission below, I removed the NVGs from all AI except for the player so you can see were the enemy is. All units have lights attached to their main weapons.

In the mission below: When the player uses his NVG to spot the enemy, the player's team activates flashlights when the enemy is over 400m away. The other side then does the same. Both sides continue engaging each other and occasionally look from side to side with the flashlight on showing the enemy were everyone on his team is located.

The AI also acts like they are wearing NVGs when navigating the terrain, when they could use their flashlight or they should have problems navigating. {F21252}


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Play mission below.

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Flashlight use at the range in the mission along with the AI pointing the flashlights at their own team gives away the AI and the rest of his team. Flashlights should be used for much closer engagements were the enemy doesn't benefit as much seeing the AI.

To Fix:
You could implement a check for the AI using flashlights:
To see if its in a place like a town or other obstacle like rocks, cliff or forest nearby that you would need flashlights to navigate or search.

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What is exactly the expected AI behaviour, if you had to define a ruleset for the game?

I would expect they would try not to reveal there squadmate's location to the enemy. I would also expect them to move more cautious when they have no NVGs and cannot see far, unless they use a flashlight.

Reminds me to how AI used it in A2/OA:

This is Simple to solve.. somewhere in the code of the game there is a snibbit that says something along the lines of ... if (unit x has a flaslight && in COMBAT mode ) then {turn on your flashlight and give away your pos like a moron}

it should be something like this:

While {unit x has flaslight && (NOT in COMBAT mode || Not in STEALTH mode} do { turn on your flash light so you can see.. but as soon as your in combat or in stealth mode turn of your light and hide you idiot}

its that simple.. If ai have a flashlight and they are set to "CARELESS","SAFE","AWARE" then they should feel free to use their flashlights.. as soon as they get into combat, or get set into stealth they should turn it off.. its stupid that they turn their lights on and show where they are when their shot at. it should be the opposite. Even better Add a check for nvg and laser pointers as well.. if they have nvg and a laser use it...