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bin\config.bin.CfgSkeletons issues, AGAIN.
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Whenever I start my server instance and start up a built mission the first time I always end up as jesus. I start the server with no mods and I run no mods when I log in to start it. BTC Revive and VAS are used.

I have not seen anyone reporting this on the forums or here so I'm confused as to why I'm seeing it and others are not. It seems others on my server are not getting this error either. Its the same error that SMK animations caused back in A2 sporadically.

I have verified the game file and ran dxdiag, checked for updates and verified server start profile. Im at a loss. If I restart the game 1 or twice it will go away. Included is an rpt in which I cut 21 million lines of skeleton errors, was a huge file. I also tried -nologs but that didnt help. {F21245}


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Start server instance and look for 'wait for host'. Watch console log, error should start displaying as xx.xx.xx No entry 'bin\config.bin.CfgSkeletons.' Restart game several times and play normally. Check rpt cause it has a billion lines.

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I am getting this error is single player mode, seems to happen mostly when I load a mission in the editor and then preview the mission, usually the mission never starts first time and I get the bin\config.bin.CfgSkeletons error, on the second run the mission starts, but all the units graphics are messed up and they are buried up to their waist in the ground.

This bug was introduced in 0.74.108135, I never had this happen before.

4 votes and other people are getting this error? I'm saved! I truly thought this was not happening to anyone, I was really worried. Thank you for coming forward.