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Very difficult to access gear menus of dead unit (MP)
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Since the 0.74 update, in multiplayer it is very difficult to take gear from a dead unit.

When you open the inventory menu at a dead unit, you cannot simply double click on the left-hand tabs anymore (to look in uniform, vest, backpack). I have to click rapidly many times before the sub-menu will open. This happens all the time in a hosted multiplayer environment.


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Join a hosted MP game, find a dead unit and attempt to access the gear in his uniform, vest or backpack.

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Yeap, I noticed also but forget to report. Upvoted.

Related to the stupid action menu, in fact.

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No, this is about the inventory, not the action menu.

I have to click rapidly many times before the sub-menu will open.

I have experienced the SAME problem.

A 2nd problem is: Sometimes I get stuck in the inventory system with only the dead soldier's main weapon (rifle), and I cannot access all his other gear until I move around and find the "sweet spot".

Fumbling around to locate the "sweet spot" to access the dead soldiers gear, is EXTREMELY tedious.

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had this happen a lot in wasteland servers. takes ages to find the option to look at the dead unit gear.
I get the hand icon for the weapon more than the 'reload' icon for the inventory.
stable build.

While that is also an annoying issue, I'm talking specifically about not being able to access the gear sub-menus (uniform, vest, backpack) AFTER opening the inventory menu. You have to click about 20 times before they open.

This issue may have been fixed in the latest stable update. Can anyone confirm?

Since the latest stable update, and in dev branch, this issue has been corrected.