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(An Automatic Kalashnikov Series)
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Adding a varient of the AK if its not in the full game already, would be amazing. The AK is one of the most used weapons around the world, I feel this is a very important weapon to have to give the game a more authentic feeling!
for eg ( AK4, AK5, AK47, AKM, AKS, AKS74, AKUN, AK 10SNAKES, ASM-DT, AK74. AK-PISTOL SHORT BARREL. ) hehehe i got a little carried away XD. {F21210} {F21211} {F21212} {F21213} {F21214} {F21215}


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THIS would be AMAZING if a few of these weapons were added in with the realistic sounds (of course) :), would make my A3 Finale experience much better. the asm-dt as shown in a picture below is also able to shoot underwater,
(this is one of my favorite Russian weapons)

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Мне это очень нравится.!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
АК-47 является моим любимым оружием его настолько прекрасной и сексуальной.!!!

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You can't just come here and say "I want AKs, I want AKs!". Well, actually, you can, but you'll probably get a lot of downvotes. There are a lot of AK mods, check Armaholic.

We don't even know if the full game with have any AK's but still every Arma game has had them.

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It's completely out of place here. There is a separate topic on the forum. Do not take other people's time to read this.

Its a feature request, which is allowed here.

doodles12345, personal attacks are not allowed here and will lead to your account being suspended.

yu kno wat shoul we hav tooo? A-10!!! bcause evry game had one, and we shold have black hawks with fastroping and ships and tanks and carriers and USMC bikes, btu it haz to ve for tomorrou.

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